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I want to thank you for your insight into our business. I thought it was very helpful and extremely beneficial. Again I apologize for being late but it was beyond my control. You had mentioned about getting a log in to take the course on line, as well as getting your letters of follow up for myself and my sales associate Bill Hotchkin, plus all of the other information package that will make me and my staff a much better sales organization.
Any tips on sending out emails to clients wanting pictures of our cars?
If I can I would like to contact you again in the future.
Thank you again!

Gene Hauck

Sales Manager, Fred Baker Porsche

The morning following our training, I used the V.A.K. techniques to pick up on the language my customers were exposing to me. One example was a customer who came in for a regularly scheduled 95K mile maintenance, a $460.00 service on his 2004 Audi A8. As I was doing the walk around with the customer he volunteered to me that he has a new set of tires and wheels ordered for the vehicle that will be here next week. As he stated, the vehicle LOOKS great, but will LOOK even better with a new set of 19 inch wheels. He also pointed out the 3M clear bra has really helped to keep the car LOOKING NICE for being 5 years old. I used this volunteered information to explain that we have an on site PDR service and for just $249.00 the door dings in the left rear and right front doors would be eliminated and make the car LOOK LIKE NEW, a nice compliment to the new wheels and tires coming next week. Later in the day, I called the customer to inform him that the 95K maintenance was nearly complete and everything LOOKED great except for the serpentine belt which had some cracking and LOOKED BAD. Of course, the serpentine belt was replaced for another $200.00. All totaled, with miscellaneous services such as tire rotation etc… a $460.00, 95K service totaled $1,037.09. I had a couple other similar situations as the day went on, but this was one of my early morning customers who came in the day after our training.
Dana Buttenhoff

Service Advisor, Carousel Audi

I just got out of your sales masters workshop and came down stairs on the show floor and within 10 minutes got a fresh up. Now I was pretty excited to be able to test out some new tools so I walked up full of energy and was looking for VAK signs right away. I was pretty confused at first because he wouldn’t talk to me! It was hard to get info on what he was looking for so I had to ask lots of questions and really dig to find out what he wanted. I soon realized that he not talking and the fact that he kept looking around was making him out to be a Visual Kinesthetic person. That helped me proceed and get him in a new A4 and just start driving. I first drove and took him on a fun drive since he was younger and seemed like an aggressive driver. I showed him the route and then had him drive it twice which made it so he was comfortable with the route and he drove it like he owned it. Within 1 hour after your meeting I had a car sold and it your workshop helped a lot so thank you and I hope you visit Maplewood Audi again soon.
Jason Hinchliff

Audi Sales Consultant

First let me tell you how much I truly enjoyed your class yesterday. It’s really opened up my eyes to many ways to become a more effective manager. I have 4 sales people that will benefit from what you’ve taught me. Also, would you be so kind as to e-mail me “The Pile Story”, a PDF of the workbook as well as the presentation, “The Mileage Story”, and the walk around video that you showed us some clips of, as well as anything else you feel could help my team become more efficient? Thank you again for your time yesterday, It was well worth the trip to Cleveland
Timothy Denstedt

Sales Manager, Howard Cooper Import Center

Here is my story.
The day after the training I overheard a customer talking to one of my advisors. He was inquiring about a different set of wheels and tires. My advisor started to question him on what he liked, I noticed his eyes dart to the left top corner, through the conversation I noticed the customer start to lose interest. I stepped in and introduced myself, realizing he is a “V”, walked the customer to the car and had a wheel rolled out from parts and put on the car. Several minutes later he authorized the wheel replacement, turning a $200 oil change into a $6424 ticket.

This is just one story since I attended your class. Talk to you soon

Chuck Turck

Service and Parts Director, The Porsche Exchange / Audi

Hi Paul,
I have an excellent story regarding the usage of knowledge of the V.A.K. program.
I had previously met the husband of a couple to discuss ordering a new Porsche Panamera for his wife. He wanted to talk about facts and figures and hear about the car.So we sat at my desk and discussed it at length.When he came in a few days later with his wife to sit down and talk about ordering a car for her (birthday present) we started to review everything that we had discussed on his last visit.( Again, just sitting at my desk). I noticed that his wife was getting a little annoyed and impatient with the conversation, and actually suggested waiting to order until she could see the car (which won’t go on sale until October 17th).That’s when the light bulb went off-she was a visual person.
I immediately stood up and asked them to follow me to see some samples of exterior and interior colors. Fast forward 1 1/2 hours and they were signing a purchase order agreement and giving me a check for $10K as a partial payment for us to place the order!
Thanks for the training.
Christine Clarke

The Porsche Exchange / Audi